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Mr.Deepak Pathak

Deepak Pathak, the chairperson of Aditya Tutorials, has revolutionized coaching with a focus on holistic learning and personalized guidance. His commitment to excellence has created an inspiring educational environment, empowering students to excel in competitive exams. Aditya Tutorials stands as a testament to Deepak's vision and impact in the education sector.

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Why Choose Us?

"Discover the Advantages of Our Coaching Classes!"

Trusted Legacy

With a successful journey since 1999, we have a proven track record of excellence in Science education.

Experienced Faculty

Our team of dedicated testimonials brings years of expertise and a passion for nurturing young minds.

Holistic Approach

We focus not only on academic achievements but also on overall personality development for our students.

Cutting-Edge Technology

By integrating digital platforms, we provide flexible and effective learning options.

Academic Success

Our students consistently achieve top ranks in competitive exams, showcasing our commitment to their success.


During challenging times, we quickly adapt, ensuring uninterrupted learning through various virtual platforms.


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